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Where to Study International Law in Lebanon

Module 1: Legal Discourse: Legal Terminology and Expressions in Context (42 hours)Module 2: Master`s Certificates, Affidavits and Certificates (42 hours)Module 3: Contracts and Powers of Attorney (42 hours)Module 4: Memoranda, Confidentiality and Loan Agreements. (42 hours) Module 5: Arbitration, Mediation and Litigation (42 hours)Module 6: United Nations Framework and International Conventions. (42 hours) Module 7: Land Registry Terminology, Structures and Documents. (42 hours) Advance your career with an online degree from the Lebanese American University. Our innovative programs provide the training you need to excel in the progress you`ve chosen and open doors to limitless possibilities. With the goal of creating a globally diverse and culturally rich learning community that provides an accessible higher education experience, regardless of a student`s location or socio-economic background, LAU is where you can reach your potential. As a student at the Lebanese-American University, you can experience academic excellence and a modern curriculum with a global perspective. We create an environment where our partner schools have the opportunity to connect with talent on a strong personal level and foster retention with highly qualified candidates. Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU), Lebanon`s leading Catholic nonprofit college and the only Lebanese university to adopt the American model of humanities education, is pleased to announce that it has been approved by the New England Commission for Higher Education (NECHE), formerly known as the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education (CIHE) of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. has been accredited. Inc. (NEASC). (In collaboration with the University of Paris 2) – Legal and diplomatic professions – Basic course – Private law course – Public law course – Public law – International organizations – Public service.

Planning and Public Administration – International Organizations – Public Service. Phoenicia University (PU) is an officially authorized, not-for-profit, private, non-sectarian institution of higher education. The university comprises six colleges: Architecture and Design, Art and Science, Economics, Engineering, Law and Political Science, and Public Health. The PU campus is located in Zahrani District in Lebanon`s Southern Governorate, just a 40-minute drive from Beirut International Airport. PU is currently considered one of the fastest growing universities in the country. TUE`s mission is to create an innovative, technology-rich, entrepreneurial, and experiential university and learning environment that produces civically active and market-ready graduates. Law – Law in French – Political and Administrative Science; For more information, please visit the faculty page: droit.ul.edu.lb/ The American University of Science and Technology (AUST) is a recognized higher education institution accredited by the Lebanese government and committed to excellence and freedom in teaching and research. The Faculty of Law is a unit dependent on the University of Wisdom. It complies with the Lebanese law on higher education. Today, the faculty has thousands of Lebanese and Arab students.

Dispute and arbitration and alternatives to dispute resolution Below is the list of the best universities in Lebanon, ranked according to their research performance in international law. A graph of 91 citations obtained from 72 scientific papers from 2 Lebanese universities was used to calculate the publication scores, which were then adjusted for publication dates and added to the final results. Master`s degree in Political and Administrative Science at: Saint Joseph University (USJ) is a Lebanese private university founded in 1875. The university and its degrees are officially recognized by the Lebanese State, in accordance with the provisions of private higher education that govern higher education in Lebanon. We do not differentiate between bachelor`s and master`s programs, and we do not adapt to current majors. You can find information about degrees awarded on a university page, but always check the university`s website. Beirut is the cradle of the law. The Faculty of Law was founded in the city in 1959 and the Department of Political Science joined in 1960. In 1966, its name was changed to Department of Political and Administrative Science, and the faculty was later renamed Faculty of Law and Political and Administrative Science.

It currently has 9,783 students. Private law – Public law – Criminal law – Business law and National and international business law (in cooperation with the University of Aix en Marseille) – Business law; The Faculty of Law of Sagesse University is the premier law school in Lebanon and the Middle East. It was founded in 1875 during the reign of Bishop Youssef DEBS, Bishop of Beirut at the time and founder of La Sagesse University. The fields and professions in which law graduates can apply: Divan International was founded 18 years ago. It is an accredited and licensed platform, arguably the best leading organization for cultural exchange, education, training and travel, and is known for its impeccable service to young people in Arab countries and around the world. The faculty is divided into five branches in five Lebanese provinces, in addition to the Legal Department of French, the Center for Computerized Legal Information, the Center for Lebanese Legal, Administrative and Political Studies and the Center for University Cooperation and Research. The University`s guiding vision is to be a leader in educational quality, academic integrity and scientific research. MUBS is committed to creating conscientious global leaders who are exemplary in their moral, professional and educational excellence. The faculty taught both law and Islamic education in Arabic. The students were Lebanese and Arab.

The teaching committee was composed of eminent professors. English for Law and Legal Studies is a legal English certificate program consisting of 7 modules. Learners who have limited, medium or high English skills can benefit from this programme, which aims to improve their legal English English skills, listening, reading and writing. Using Windows Movie Maker videos on legal terminology and using a variety of strategies and techniques such as role-playing, voice acting, screen re-screening, thought-sharing, and group discussions, the instructor intends to facilitate learning in a comfortable, fun, and engaging environment. Since its inception in 1960, BAU has been committed to providing outstanding educational programs and creating a comprehensive environment for academic creativity and leadership development that teaches the concept of social responsibility while respecting diversity and multicultural understanding. As a forward-looking university, Balamand University enables academics and graduates to ask unconventional questions and transcend disciplinary boundaries in order to preserve freedom of thought and enrich intercultural dialogue in Lebanon and the Arab world.