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Sorry, we couldn`t provide you with directions for these places. “I found Martin`s law firm on the internet a few years ago when my husband needed an employment lawyer. Of all the lawyers I contacted during my research, Martin was the only one to answer himself (and not to his secretary) and was very specific in his answer – we knew then that he was the lawyer my husband needed. He dealt with my husband`s case very quickly and efficiently. Little did I know I would have to contact Martin in April of this year to get help from my former employer. Just like in my husband`s case, Martin answered all my questions very quickly and professionally. He reached a settlement that was very fair to me and for a very short period of time. I will not hesitate to contact Martin again if I need an excellent litigator, and if one of my friends (or former employees) needs Martin`s services, I will be happy to provide Martin`s contact information. “Thank you Martin for your knowledge, experience and commitment to excellence.” “Martin was professional. Very informative. Friendly and answered all my questions. He was open about the accuracy of his answer, which allowed me to feel confident to make the right decision. Thank you Martin for your openness.

“As soon as I met Martin, I knew. I knew not only that he was the right lawyer I desperately needed, but also a solid person. I found myself in uncharted territory as the executor of an estate struggling with several contentious issues that had no visible horizon to resolve. Do you think your friends might be familiar with this company? Ask your friends on Facebook what they think. Several times in the process of dealing with disgruntled beneficiaries, I thought it would be wise to take a certain direction, and Martin presented me with a different path several times. He never missed a beat. The contentious issues have been resolved and the liquidation of the estate has been completed. During our first meeting/interview, Martin gave me an articulate and comprehensive overview of the laws and responsibilities that have affected my role as executor, estate laws and beneficiary rights. Given that the trial I was involved in had become contentious and I needed a good probate lawyer and litigator. Martin was everything I could wish for. I left our first meeting knowing I was in good hands, and I have never looked back.