Case Studies


  • Category: Apartment - Housing
  • Scale: 23 storeys, 2 basement, GFA 70.600 m2
  • Scope of work: Design
  • Site: Tu Hiep Ward, Thanh Tri District, Ha Noi City
  • Year: 2016
  • Owner: Tecco Group

The project is designed according to the motto to bring maximum comfort to the apartments, combining artistic and artistic elements to bring a modern luxury feeling. In addition, the space and support services are also completely designed to increase the luxury, attractiveness and comfort for residents in the building.
Apartments on the typical floor are well-researched, the main rooms have a view of the front, each apartment has a balcony, a balcony of the preferred apartment in the living room area, luxury apartments have Add a balcony in the master bedroom.

In the apartment, there are rooms with reasonable and convenient layout, adjacent kitchen with laundry yard, drying yard neatly arranged and aesthetic cum place for hanging outside units of air-conditioning system. Especially the toilets in the apartment are also lighted and ventilated naturally thanks to the side slots.
The main functional areas of the apartment are divided on a clear principle, the bedroom and study areas are on one side, the dining area and the living room are usually located in the center of the apartment, kitchen and yard area. The dryer is located separately on the other side, independently and on the other side of the bedroom area.